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MOD BAGS MICRO STYLIN STRIPEReusable Nonwoven Fabric Purple Large

C-96 PLA Clear Lid Flat with straw hole
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C-96 PLA Clear Lid Flat with straw hole

Price: $46.00

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96mm PLA Bioplastic clear flat lid COLD USE ONLYSuitable for:R300Y-PLA - 300ml Clear Cup R360Y-PLA - 360ml Clear Cup R420-PLA - 420ml Clear CupR500Y-PLA - 500ml Clear CupR600Y-PLA - 600ml Clear CupR700Y-PLA - 700ml Clear CupPack Info:10 Sleeves x 100 UnitsCarton Dimensions = 56cm x 49.1cm x 20.3cm Carton Weight = 3.2kg40 Cartons Per PalletPallet Height = 2.18mStorage & Handling:Store in a cool place (below 35 degrees C)Out of direct sunlightDisposal Options:Industrial Compost Facility Landfill

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