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Laminated Matte Emerald Red Paper Bag360ml Clear PLA Round Bowl

R150Y - 150ml PLA Cup
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R150Y - 150ml PLA Cup

Price: $100.00

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150ml PLA Bioplastic clear cup. COLD USE ONLYRelated Product: C76 - Flat Lid No HoleC76 D(x) - Dome lid X slot straw holePack Info:20 Sleeves x 100 UnitsCarton Dimensions = 60cm x 39cm x 31.5cm Carton Weight = 8.3kg36 Cartons Per PalletPallet Height = 2.04mStorage & Handling:Store in a cool place (below 35 degrees C)Out of direct sunlightDisposal Options:Industrial Compost Facility Landfill

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