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Eco Friendly Packaging

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Eco Friendly Packaging Supplies

Leisure Coast Packaging has recently focused on the need to make environmentally responsible choices for our products. We have chosen to carry a comprehensive range of environmentally sustainable and eco friendly products. We have a great selection of biodegradable and compostable items which have not only been produced from a sustainable resource material, but also break down into soil. This reduces our carbon footprint and reduces overall landfill. You may be surprised at what can be made eco-friendly. Coffee cups, paper bags, hot take away containers, serviettes and toilet paper! Where ever possible we purchase Australian packaging supplies. For our list of eco friendly packaging supplies, click the following link. http://www.lcpackaging.com.au/biodegradable-compostable/view-all-products.html.

Additionally, we have a range of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Our BioCleaners are commercial grade but are a better choice for protecting the environment from harmful chemicals. Citrus based cleaners are made from natural products and are safe for use in food areas. Find our full list of cleaning products by clicking this link. http://www.lcpackaging.com.au/bio-cleaning-products/view-all-products.html/

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