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Paper Bags

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Paper Bags - Wholesale Paper Bags in Australia

Our paper bags are premium in quality offered at competitive wholesale prices. We have been reliable suppliers across Australia for 20 years. Our wide range of paper bags includes brown kraft, white kraft, matt paper bags and gloss finished. They feature paper twist handles, rope handles or die cut.

To find the right paper bag for you, there are a few helpful tips to follow.

1. Choose a paper bag that is suited for the occasion - Colour, pattern and handle type are all important.

2. Go for the right size - We have a large range of sizes and shapes. For instance, the boutique paper bags are able to hold longer items, where our larger paper bags can hold taller items.

3. Know the materials – Our bags come in many different weights. If you're planning on filling the bag or using it for heavier items such as bottles, a higher GSM will ensure the bag is safe.

4. Buy in quantity - Our products are at wholesale rates so cartons are cheaper than small quantities of items. Additionally, if you're purchasing more than five cartons at once, we may be able to offer further discounts.

Leisure Coast Packaging Supplies in Warilla on the NSW South Coast offers a wide range of products that are competitive in price. They update their products frequently to stay in touch with modern trends, make environmentally responsible choices and carry a comprehensive range of environmentally sustainable products. The company over time has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of a broad range of quality packaging products. To find our full range of paper bags, click www.lcpackaging.com.au/paper-bags-wholesale/view-all-products.html/

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