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Liquor Packaging

Wine Gift Boxes in Australia

Looking for the bottle bag to bag your bottles? You’ve come to the right page! We’ve got over 35 different wine gift boxes and bags in stock. Our paper wine bottle bags are made of high strength 'tear resistant' paper, and our colourful plastic wine bottle bags are perfect for gifts. Whether you run a stationery store and are looking for a specialty gift bag to complement your existing range, or you’re running a wine shop and are after a convenient gift giving solution for your customers (keep by the register – great for adding value to sales!), you’re sure to find what you’re looking for amongst our extensive selection. We even stock tissue paper (see the left hand menu) for padding out the top of the package, so the gift remains a surprise ‘til the very last second!

Our pick of this range is the pop-up wine gift boxes. Not only do they protect the bottle from light and damage, they come with a matching gift tag that your customers can write on, instead of having to purchase a separate greeting card – handy! The best part about these gorgeous wine gift boxes is that they’re eco-friendly; because they’re made of non-laminated corrugated card, they break down when they’re disposed of.

For more information on any of our liquor bags or wine gift boxes, please contact Leisure Coast Packaging Supplies on (02) 4296 9708.

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