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Make every present stand out with our massive range of gift bags at wholesale prices

From baby showers to birthdays, anniversaries or a party for that special someone, our range of wholesale gift bags is perfect for your retail business.

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we stock a wide range of durable, environmentally-friendly paper bags for gifts of all shapes and sizes. With an extensive range including Christmas gift bags, wine bags and more, we’ve got every occasion wrapped up. Find the perfect gift bag for your store or browse our range of gift boxes, gift wrapping and more online, available in bulk. Order now!

Our coloured gift bags add the perfect finishing touch to every present

Complete your gift-wrapping range with our high-quality gift bags at wholesale prices!

Match any theme with seasonal gift bags featuring bright spring florals, Christmas trees and crackers and colourful polka dots for any occasion. Whatever you’re celebrating, our selection of sustainable, durable coloured gift bags has you covered.

Available in a huge range of sizes, colours and styles, add a touch of beauty to every gift with our durable paper gift bags at wholesale prices. Order now!

FAQs about our gift bags

Are your paper bags more durable than plastic gift bags?

Paper gift bags are generally more durable than plastic ones due to their sturdiness and tear resistance. They can hold heavier items without tearing and are less likely to succumb to wear. However, paper bags are sensitive to moisture and have limited reusability.

On the other hand, plastic gift bags offer advantages like water resistance, flexibility, and some durability, but they come with environmental concerns due to slow decomposition and pollution.

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we provide sustainable, environmentally friendly and easily recyclable paper gift bags to make every present stand out. Shop our range of gift bags at wholesale prices online!

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes! At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we believe in reducing, reusing and recycling wherever we can. As one of Australia’s favourite supplies of gift bags at wholesale prices, we ensure our entire range of products can be shipped with eco-friendly packaging. This includes our advanced ENVIRO 80 courier satchels, which feature clear instructions for users to recycle after use.

What type of wrapping accessories are best for gift bags?

If you’re looking to make your gift bag even more beautiful, try tying a piece of ribbon to the handles. We stock a huge selection of ribbon and twine to suit a range of styles. You can also add extra flair to your gift bags with some colourful tissue paper, perfect for protecting your gift and adding a pop of colour!

Do you stock gift bags for large gifts?

Yes! We have a huge range of medium and large gift bags available in a range of styles. For example, our Earth Collection gift bags are available in small junior and spacious large sizes ranging up to 420x310x110 mm, so you can find the perfect size for your items.

What's the best way to protect my present in a paper gift bag?

To ensure your gift stays protected in a paper gift bag, we recommend wrapping the present in tissue paper before placing it in the bag. This will provide an extra layer of cushioning and prevent the gift from getting damaged during transportation or handling.

If the gift is fragile or has sharp edges, you can add some padding material like bubble wrap around it. Choosing a gift bag with a reinforced bottom and sturdy handles from our range will also help maintain the integrity of the present while making it easier to carry.

How do I find the weight capacity of a paper gift bag?

When it comes to figuring out how much weight your paper gift bag can handle, think about its size and strength. Go for bags made from tough and thick paper with reinforced bits. Remember, bigger bags usually mean they can carry more weight. If you're unsure, go for a slightly larger bag – better safe than sorry!

We recommend placing your item in your gift bag and carrying it to test its weight. If it feels like the bag is warping or straining, you may need to replace it with a strong bag or replace it with a gift box.

What’s the best way to recycle a paper gift bag?

When you're ready to part ways with your paper gift bags, the greenest choice is recycling. Make sure to remove any non-paper components like ribbons, handles, or adhesives before recycling. If the bag is free of tape, glue, or excessive ink, it can usually be recycled with other paper products.

Do you stock other gift supplies?

Yes! At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we’re your one-stop shop for all things gift packaging. Whether you’re stocking up on gift wrapping paper, gift boxes or alcohol packaging for your next special occasion, find the perfect packaging for your gifts with our range.

Browse our range of gift boxes, wrapping paper and paper bags and find the right packaging for your goodies online.

How long will it take to receive my gift bags?

We aim to ship all orders from our warehouse as soon as possible through our extensive courier network. We provide accurate shipping estimates at checkout. For more information on our shipping estimates, get in touch with our friendly team online or call us at (02) 4296 9708.

Shop paper gift bags online for fast dispatch Australia-wide. Order now!