Carry Bags

Stylish, recyclable & biodegradable carry bags at wholesale prices 

Unleash your creativity and elevate your brand with our fun and functional wholesale carry bags. Make a statement with vibrant hues, or keep it classy with elegant neutrals. Whatever your style, our entire range of carry bags is designed with convenience, sustainability and a pop of personality, too! 

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we stock a huge range of quality paper and plastic carry bags at wholesale prices. For over 25 years, we’ve provided beautiful, stylish and durable bags to customers and retailers Australia-wide. Whether you need simple Kraft shopping bags for your business or you’re looking for stylish gift bags in bulk, we’ve got you covered. 

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SOS Paper Bags


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White Kraft Paper Bag


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Paper Wine Bags Black


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Deluxe Paper Bag Kraft


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Deluxe Paper Bag White


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Garment Covers


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FAQs about carry bags

Are paper bags as durable as plastic carry bags? 

Plastic bags, especially those made from thicker materials, tend to be more resistant to tearing and damage compared to paper bags. However, their durability varies based on the quality of the paper used and the thickness of the paper bag. All bags are made with different weight limits, so it’s important to avoid overfilling both plastic and paper bags.  

For extra durability, we recommend choosing our Carnival Flexi Loop High Density Reusable Plastic Bag. The strong handles and 55-micron plastic construction will stand up against multiple uses without bending or snapping.

For more information on our durable wholesale carry bags, contact our team today. 

Do you stock reusable paper bags? 

Yes! We have a huge selection of reusable, biodegradable paper carry bags, including our signature Brown Kraft Paper Bags, available in 18 convenient sizes. Plus, our range of wholesale retail bags can be personalised by your business with your logo or company details using stamps, stickers and other printing methods. 

Can paper carry bags be reused?

Yes, paper carry bags can be reused. While they may not have the same level of durability as canvas or fabric bags, paper carry bags can still be used multiple times depending on their condition and how they are handled. Plus, paper bags are easy to fold and store, so they’ll maintain their shape between uses. 

Are paper carry bags suitable for carrying fragile items?

Yes, paper carry bags are a great choice for carrying delicate or easily breakable items — as long as your items are wrapped carefully. Paper carry bags feature flat bases, so your items are less likely to slide or move around when supported by proper fillings such as tissue paper. 

We stock a range of Deluxe Carry Bags with durable black cotton rope handles that won’t break as easily as standard paper and plastic handles. For extra durability, try our European Gloss Laminated Art Paper Bags, which feature extra cardboard support at the base. 

When transporting delicate items, make sure to choose the right size bag so your items don’t slide around. For larger bags, try filling the empty space with tissue paper, shredded paper or any other soft filling to keep your items in place. We stock a range of shredded tissue paper (including our popular shredded crinkle paper) perfect for protecting your items from impacts — plus, mix and match your colours to create a fun filling that will make your gift even more special!

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