Premium Tissue Paper

Elevate your packaging with our bulk tissue paper for sale

When it comes to wrapping, the details make all the difference. Our premium tissue paper packaging adds a luxurious touch to any gift, garment or product. 

Whether you need bulk tissue paper for your business, craft projects or classroom, we have a huge range of patterns, colours and finishes for any aesthetic. Perfect for wrapping gifts, clothing and breakables, our tissue paper brings your brand to life. Find the right tissue wrapping paper for your packaging and add that extra layer of elegance and protection. Shop now!

A diverse range of tissue paper packaging for every occasion

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we stock a huge range of gift wrapping, ribbon and twine, gift bags and more to suit all your wrapping needs. 

From vibrant colours that add a pop of personality to high-quality acid-free options, our premium tissue is a thick, high-quality paper (17 gsm) sized at 500mm x 750mm. Each tissue paper ream contains 480 sheets, giving you excellent value with every purchase. 

Our tissue paper range includes:

  • Solid colours — A rainbow of options to match your brand or occasion.

  • Printed patterns — Elegant designs for a unique wrapping experience.

  • Metallic finishes — Add a touch of glamour with gold and silver options.

  • Eco-friendly choices — Acid-free paper to protect your items and the environment.

Explore our extensive collection of plain and coloured tissue paper online and find the perfect finish for your packaging and gifting.

Why choose our tissue wrapping paper?

Quality tissue paper is not just about wrapping — it's about creating an experience. Here's why our customers love our tissue paper packaging:

  • Variety — With an extensive range of colours, patterns and finishes, you will find the perfect match for any project.

  • Quality — Our premium tissue paper is thick and durable, delicately protecting your goods while making them stand out.

  • Sustainability — We offer acid-free and environmentally friendly options for eco-conscious individuals looking to reduce their ecological impact.

  • Value — Our tissue paper is available in bulk and offers exceptional quality at competitive wholesale pricing.

Whether you're adding a luxurious touch to your packaging or looking for the perfect wrap for a special gift, our high-quality tissue paper has got you covered. Explore our range and buy tissue paper online today!

Storage and handling tips for tissue paper

Proper storage and handling of tissue paper will help you maintain its quality and appearance for longer — a must-have if you buy it in bulk! Here are some tips to keep your tissue paper pristine:

  • Avoid moisture — Store tissue paper in a dry environment to prevent dampness that can lead to wrinkles or damage.

  • Keep it flat — Store tissue paper flat or gently folded in a drawer or box to avoid creases and tears. Avoid overstuffing storage spaces to maintain the paper's integrity.

  • Direct sunlight — Keep tissue paper away from direct sunlight, which can fade colours over time. Use cabinets or closets that protect from light exposure.

By following these tips, you can keep your tissue paper looking its best. Shop tissue paper packaging online today! 

FAQs about tissue paper packaging

  • Is tissue paper recyclable?

    Most plain tissue papers are recyclable, especially those marked as acid-free or made from recycled materials. However, due to their finishes, metallic or heavily inked tissue papers may not be recyclable. Always check with your local recycling guidelines to ensure proper disposal.
  • How can I prevent tissue paper from wrinkling when wrapping items?

    To prevent wrinkling, gently smooth the tissue paper on a flat surface before wrapping. Use both hands to handle the paper, and avoid pulling or stretching it too tightly around items. For storage, rolling the paper loosely around a cardboard tube can help maintain its smoothness until it’s ready to use.
  • Can tissue paper help protect fragile items?

    While tissue paper alone may not provide sufficient protection for very fragile items during shipping, it can be used as an initial layer of wrapping for aesthetics, followed by bubble wrap or other cushioning materials for added protection. 
  • Which type of tissue paper is best?

    For retail packaging, opt for our premium solid colour tissue papers to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your products. These options are perfect for high-end retail items, jewellery, or fashion accessories.

    Our acid-free and recycled tissue papers are perfect if sustainability is one of your brand's core values. These options ensure your packaging is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.

    Our printed patterns and vibrant colour selections let you create gift wrapping that stands out — plus, they’re also perfect for crafts and decorations. Whether you're creating custom decorations or adding a personal touch to your gifts, we’ll help you find the perfect match for your creative vision.
  • What’s the right thickness for tissue paper?

    The thickness of tissue paper is often indicated by its weight in grams per square meter (gsm). Standard tissue paper typically ranges from 14 to 17 gsm. Opt for higher gsm tissue paper for delicate items or luxury packaging for its superior texture and opacity. For everyday use or inner packaging layers, standard weight is usually sufficient.

    Most of our tissue paper is 17 gsm thick, giving you durable yet flexible tissue for your projects. 
  • Can acid-free tissue paper reduce tarnishing on silver items?

    Yes, acid-free tissue paper is pH neutral, meaning it doesn't contain any acids that could accelerate the tarnishing of silver or other sensitive materials. Wrapping silver items in acid-free tissue paper before storing them can significantly slow tarnishing. However, tarnishing will still naturally occur over time. 
  • Are your colours consistent across each batch?

    While we take every care to ensure our tissue paper is consistent, some slight variations can occur during the manufacturing process. If you’re concerned about maintaining an identical shade across your order, get in touch with our team. 

Beautiful tissue paper packaging for wrapping, decorating and more

Ready to elevate your packaging? Browse our selection of premium tissue paper online at Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging. We’ll help you find exactly what you need to bring your packaging and gifting to the next level. 

Browse our range and discover endless possibilities for all your wrapping projects. Shop now and explore our bulk tissue paper for sale Australia-wide.

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