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At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we stock a huge selection of gift boxes, bags and wrapping available at affordable wholesale prices. From rustic, natural styles to sleek, modern designs, our hamper packaging comes in a variety of options to suit birthdays, anniversaries and all your special events.

Whether they’re crafting a beautiful hamper for a fancy event, creating special gift sets or organising custom corporate gifts, our hamper box packaging make it easy for your customers to create the perfect present.

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Let your imagination run wild with beautiful, stylish hampers in different sizes and colours. Choose classic and elegant neutrals, or go bold with eye-catching shades. Our versatile hamper packaging allows your customers to create stunning gift presentations that reflect their unique style and personality.

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FAQs about hamper boxes

Are your gift hamper boxes sturdy enough to hold heavier items?

We have a wide selection of sizes available for our hamper packaging, with different weight capacities depending on the size, shape and materials of your box. We recommend checking the weight capacity of your gift hamper boxes before use.

Do you stock collapsible hamper boxes?

Yes! We stock a selection of Collapsible Hamper Boxes that can be assembled and disassembled as needed. Our collapsible hamper boxes also have hinged lids, making them easy to open and close.

Our collapsible hamper boxes are made with one piece that is folded to create a stunning hamper. They’re shipped as flat pieces of cardboard in cartons that can be assembled as needed.

Whether you need bulk hamper boxes for an event or you’re stocking up for your retail store, we’ve got a huge range of empty hamper boxes at wholesale prices. Shop online today!

Can you put wine in gift hamper boxes?

Yes! Our gift hamper boxes have enough space to fit two wine bottles, making them the perfect choice for celebrating. They can also be used for displaying food and other perishables, as long as they’re properly contained. Our hampers are made from cardboard, so like all types of cardboard boxes, any foods or liquids need to be properly stored to avoid spoilage or spills.

Are your gift hamper boxes suitable for long-distance transportation?

Yes! Our collapsible gift boxes feature hinged lids, so you can rest assured your gifts will stay secure for the duration of your trip. For extra security, we recommend storing your hamper boxes in a carry bag or gift bag.

How should I display wine bottles in my gift hamper boxes?

When it comes to displaying wine bottles in your gift hamper boxes, there are plenty of ways to make an impressive presentation.

Create a layered effect by placing decorative fillers like crinkle-cut paper, tissue paper or straw at the bottom. This provides extra cushioning and adds an appealing visual element. To personalise your hamper box, you can also include a gift tag or label on each bottle.

Whether you arrange the bottles vertically or horizontally, the key is to ensure they are stable, secure, and visually pleasing, making your gift hamper box a standout delight. To keep your wine bottles in place, try using bottle dividers or inserts within the box. These inserts help prevent movement or potential damage during transport.

Can I add a ribbon to my gift hamper box?

Absolutely! Adding a ribbon to your gift hamper box is a fantastic way to elevate its presentation and add a touch of elegance.

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we stock a huge range of ribbons and twine to match the theme, colour scheme or branding of your gift. Tie a beautiful bow on the top of the box, or wrap the ribbon around it for a stylish and sophisticated look. Experiment with different ribbon widths, textures and colours to create unique and eye-catching designs.

Adding ribbon is a simple yet effective way to add that extra flourish and create a memorable unboxing experience for the recipient. Get creative and explore our range of ribbons online today!

What does the name “hamper box” mean?

The term "hamper box" originates from the word "hamper," which traditionally refers to a large, sturdy basket used for carrying and transporting provisions.

For gift giving, hamper box packaging is specifically designed to hold and present a collection of items, similar to a basket. It provides a structured and organised way to showcase an assortment of products, making it convenient for gifting purposes.

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