Bamboo Paper Packaging

Biodegradable bamboo packaging for all your takeaway needs

When it comes to high-quality food packaging, you need high-quality options that offer the same reliability and affordability as plastic. As one of Australia’s favourite hospitality suppliers, we understand that durability, usability and sustainability are essential for every piece of packaging. Whether you’re brewing a cup of coffee or serving soup, ice cream, soda and more, you need reliable bamboo packaging that can stand up against the daily rigours of the hospitality industry.

Smooth, compostable and eco-friendly, our range of bamboo food packaging is built to last. Shop the range online and add a sustainable touch to your business with our food packaging range. Order now!

Keep your business eco-friendly with our sustainable bamboo food packaging

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we deliver a massive range of eco-friendly bamboo paper packaging to retailers and hospitality venues Australia-wide. Where possible, we source our catalogue from eco-conscious manufacturers to provide you with cups, containers and packaging made with durable, compost-friendly materials.

Whether you’re switching to eco-friendly gift wrapping or stocking up on all your hospitality essentials, we’ve got you covered. Our bamboo packaging ranges includes:

Explore our range of bamboo packaging online and find the right products for your venue with Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging. Order now!

Bamboo Packaging FAQs

Does bamboo packaging get soggy?

Made from durable bamboo pulp, our bamboo products feature water-resistant resin coatings inside and out. For example, our range of GreenMark bamboo bowls features an eco-friendly PLA bioplastic coating. This plant-based cornstarch resin creates a waterproof barrier between any liquids and the bamboo packaging.

Like regular paper packaging, condensation may form on the outside of the product if you’re storing cold liquids for an extended period of time. However, the cups themselves are waterproof and will not get soggy unless there is excessive condensation.

We stock a range of wholesale bamboo packaging from sustainability-focused brands, including GreenMark and Cup-To-Grow. Explore our durable bamboo packaging online — we deliver Australia-wide!

Is your bamboo packaging compostable?

Yes, our range of wholesale bamboo packaging is 100% commercially compostable. However, they cannot be composted at home or through other non-commercial methods. This means it’s important to dispose of your bamboo food packaging properly to ensure they’re composted correctly.

What types of foods can I carry in bamboo food packaging?

Our bamboo food packaging is suitable for many foods, including pasta, rice, salads and even soups.

Our compostable GreenMark bamboo bowls are finished with a PLA coating that prevents liquids from seeping through. This means that both wet and dry foods can be stored in our bamboo food packaging for extended periods without oils or liquids damaging the cups.

We also stock a range of ice cream cups that feature a water-resistant BioPBS coating designed for cold, wet foods.

Shop wholesale bamboo packaging online today – we deliver Australia-wide!