Niccolai Premium Linen Feel Napkins

Airlaid: These eco-friendly disposable napkins that feel like LINEN, without being high maintenance!
BioNaps’ Airlaid range is both elegant and workable in a commercial environment. Made from cellulose fibres that are “dry laid” with a unique technique that uses air and an EVA binder, these napkins are remarkably absorbent and durable.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, choose from a range of matching table accessories with bold designs or a more understated,chic ambiance.
Sophisticated and modern single use napkins that will reduce laundry costs without reducing your customer experience.

Feel good about using single use napkins while reducing labour and costs in your business. BioNap are accredited as compostable while also being soft, strong, elastic and absorbent. In a variety of patterns and colours, choose the look that is right for your restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel and add a touch of luxury to your customer’s dining experience!

These products have been awarded the OK Compost brand, they are therefore certified as compostable according to the UNI EN 13432 standards and therefore can be disposed in industrial waste plants.

Extra Soft: Stylish and practical, this range from BioNap feels very similar to a real textile. Designed and made in Italy using a new technology, the cellulose material is created by an advanced technique which results in the napkins looking and feeling like natural material – a soft cotton feel.