BioPak Containers & Packaging

Australian-made BioPak containers and packaging, made from compostable BioBoard

In today’s eco-conscious world, finding sustainable solutions for everyday food packaging is essential. 

BioPak has become a game-changer in this space and has developed a range of biodegradable, compostable, plastic-free takeaway food containers that are eco-friendly, practical, and reliable.

Available here at Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, these containers are made from renewable, plant-based materials, including corn starch, sugarcane pulp, and bamboo. Unlike conventional plastic containers, BioPak containers are fully biodegradable and compostable, meaning they can break down naturally without leaving harmful residues in the environment!

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Chip Boxes

On Sale from $88.95


Lunch Boxes

On Sale from $63.17


Noodle Boxes

On Sale from $116.02

About BioPak’s BioBoard 

BioBoard is BioPak’s very own material made from sustainably sourced FSC™ Mix certified paperboard, lined with waterproof Ingeo™ — a bioplastic made from plants, not oil or plastics. Thanks to this plant-based material, BioPak packaging is perfect for dishes that need high-fat and moisture resistance, guaranteeing a durable, long-lasting solution for almost any meal!

Certified industrially compostable, your customers will feel at ease knowing their takeaway containers are compostable and recyclable, leading to more brand loyalty for your business.

A huge range of BioPak packaging for hot or cold food

Biopak's takeaway containers are designed to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic containers. These containers are sturdy, leak-proof, and microwave-safe, making them ideal for various hot and cold food items.

In our BioPak shop, you’ll find: 

  • Chip boxes 
  • Noodle boxes
  • Snack boxes
  • Burger boxes
  • Cake boxes
  • Catering boxes
  • Lunch boxes (with or without windows)
  • Icecream cups
  • Cup holders & sleeves
  • Trays & bowls
  • Wrap and sandwich wedges
  • And more!

Whether it's a salad, a sweet treat or a hot meal, BioPak has a container to meet your needs!

FAQs about BioPak’s BioBoard containers

  • How do BioPak containers impact the environment compared to plastic?

  • BioPak containers are generally more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic containers. They are made from renewable resources, have a lower carbon footprint, and are often compostable or biodegradable, reducing landfill waste.

  • Are BioPak and BioBoard products certified?

  • Many BioPak and BioBoard products carry certifications like BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certification, indicating they meet specific standards for compostability and environmental impact.

  • Can BioPak and BioBoard containers be recycled?

  • While compostability is a key feature of many BioPak products, recyclability can vary. Paper-based products like BioBoard are often recyclable, but it's important to check local recycling guidelines and product specifications.

  • What other BioPak products are available at Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging?

    We offer an incredible range of BioPak products, including:

    - BioCup cold drink cups
    - Aqueous and BioCup coffee cups
    - BioCup and BioCane sauce cups
    - BioCup tumblers
    - BioCup and BioCane salad bowls
    - BioNapkins
    - BioBag paper carry bags with handles
    - Wooden BioCutlery
    - BioStraws
    - BioCup universal lids
    - BioCane clamshells
    - BioCane oyster trays
    - BioCane sushi trays
    - BioCane compartment containers
    - BioPlastic singlet bags.

    Most containers come with matching lids, and cups come in a range of attractive designs to match the aesthetic and branding of your business.

  • Are BioPak containers leak-proof?

  • While BioPak containers are designed to be sturdy and handle various food types, the degree of leak-proofing can vary. Containers made with BioBoard, for example, have a waterproof lining, making them more resistant to leaks with wet or greasy foods.

  • How does the cost of BioPak containers compare to traditional packaging?

  • BioPak containers may be slightly more expensive than traditional plastic or Styrofoam containers due to the sustainable materials and production processes. However, the environmental benefits and increasing demand for eco-friendly products often justify the cost.

  • Can BioPak containers be custom-branded?

  • Yes, we can customise your BioPak containers to match your brand. This involves printing logos, designs, or text on the containers, subject to minimum order quantities and additional costs — contact us at (02) 4296 9708 for more information!