Paper Bags

Durable biodegradable paper bags at wholesale prices

Make your business stand out and delight your customers with our beautiful, classic-looking paper shopping bags.

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we believe sustainability is king when it comes to carry bags. Our entire paper bag range is recyclable and environmentally friendly, perfect for keeping your business green. Plus, each bag is available in a range of sizes, so you can find the right fit for your products.

Don’t settle for poor-quality bags. Explore our range and elevate your shopping experience with our wholesale paper bags, available Australia-wide!

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SOS Paper Bags

On Sale from $39.96


SOS Bag Kraft

On Sale from $37.39

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Gift Bag - Stag

On Sale from $51.40


SOS Bags White

On Sale from $41.25

Perfect for retailers, our stylish paper shopping bags are available in a range of classic colours

Whether you’re selling everyday essentials or one-of-a-kind products, the right bag can make or break your customer’s experience. At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we select high-quality bags from Australia’s finest wholesale suppliers — all at affordable prices!

Looking for something understated? Our Kraft Paper Bags feature 18 size options and a simple, classic shade of earthy brown — perfect for customising with your own branding.

We also stock a selection of beautiful Earth Collection Paper Bags in stylish shades including Navy, Mustard, Dusty Pink and more, so you can find the right finishing touch for your business’s colour scheme.

Choose Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging for high-quality, durable paper bags at wholesale prices. Shop online today!

Wholesale bags and packaging for any occasion

Need quality wholesale packaging for your business? We stock an incredible range of bags, packaging and giftware supplies that will impress your customers. Whether you’re updating your in-store packaging or looking to add new lines to your range, take a look at our full range of packaging products and find the right fit for your brand.

Giftware packaging

The perfect gift needs the perfect finishing touch. Our range of giftware packaging makes it easy for your customers to find all their gift-giving supplies in one place!

Enhance your store’s carry bags with our recyclable paper bags and stylish gift bags, perfect for every occasion. Want a more upscale packaging solution? We stock a selection of beautiful, easy-to-assemble gift boxes that will take your gifts from zero to hero, including hinged lid boxes, jewellery boxes, round boxes, pillow boxes and gift boxes with ribbons!

Our gift wrap range makes it easy to add a wrapping service to your store, with a range of patterns, colours and styles to suit anniversaries, birthdays, children’s parties and more. Plus, complete the look and add a touch of flair to every gift with our beautiful ribbons and tissue paper!

Food packaging

Our food packaging range is perfect for all your perishables and includes everything from biodegradable Kraft takeaway bags to coffee cups, catering trays, takeaway cutlery and more. Protect your bags with our durable grease-proof paper wraps, suitable for stopping oils and grease from leaking through your bag.

Hosting an event? From birthdays to large parties, small get-togethers and everything in between, we’ve got all your catering needs covered. Our catering trays make it easy to put together beautiful spreads for your next event. Plus, impress your guests with beautiful bamboo fibre straws designed to never get soggy — so you can say goodbye to broken paper straws!

Christmas packaging

Get into the festive spirit with our selection of beautiful Christmas wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, tags and ribbons. Our Christmas wrapping paper includes everything from colourful, kid-friendly patterns to modern abstract designs. Plus, we also stock a range of Australian-themed wrapping paper featuring native birds and botanicals, so you can add a touch of Aussie spirit to your Christmas wrapping!

Order beautiful Christmas Packaging online and complete your shopper’s experience with our range.

Ecommerce packaging

Stock up on all your retail essentials and keep your orders running smoothly with our ecommerce packaging essentials. Ship slim items with ease using our convenient paper bag mailers, great for books, notepads, stationary and more. Keep your packaging eco-friendly with our 100% compostable and biodegradable mailing satchels, featuring plenty of space for clothes. Our honeycomb-design paper is perfect for protecting fragile items and filling empty space in your parcels — or stuff your hampers with our food-grade wood wool, great for small items.

Whether you’re posting orders or expanding your gift wrapping range, we’ve got you covered. Shop beautiful, affordable packaging and paper bags at wholesale prices with Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging. Order now!

Stay green with our recyclable wholesale paper bags

At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we believe every business should do its part in providing eco-friendly packaging solutions to customers Australia-wide. We’re committed to stocking recyclable, biodegradable paper bags at wholesale prices, no matter what style you need. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching colour schemes, fun patterns or classic brown paper bags, we have the right fit for your store.

Alongside our recyclable bags, we also go the extra mile to provide eco-friendly ENVIRO 80 courier satchels across our orders. Each satchel comes with clear instructions for recycling after use, so you can rest assured your used packaging is being put to good use.

Earth Collection

Our Earth Collection is the perfect fit for businesses looking for stylish, modern paper shopping bags. Made with 40% recycled material, each carry bag can be recycled – making them an eco-friendly choice for your business.

Choose from bold burnt orange, rich navy, natural earthy green and more to add a touch of style to all your goods. Plus, our Earth Collection paper bags are available with or without carry handles, so you find the right carrying solution for your store.

Shop beautiful Earth Collection paper bags at wholesale prices today!

FAQs about our paper shopping bags

Can I add labels or stamps to your paper shopping bags?

Absolutely! Our paper shopping bags are like blank canvases ready for your creative touch. You can add labels, stamps, or even get them custom-printed with your unique design. This way, you not only carry goodies but also carry your brand identity in style.

What types of handles are available for your shopping bags?

We've got handles that suit every shopper's fancy – from classic twisted paper handles to sleek flat paper handles and sturdy cotton rope handles. So, pick your handle of choice and carry on shopping in elegance!

Are cotton rope handles more durable than paper loop handles?

Yes, cotton rope handles are generally more durable than paper loop handles. They offer additional strength and can comfortably carry heavier items. Cotton rope handles are tough, reliable and can handle all your heavyweight shopping like a champ. If you want your bags strong enough for a shopaholic, rope handles are the way to go.

Are paper bags suitable for carrying food and drinks?

Yes, paper bags are suitable for carrying food and drinks, especially when they are designed with a suitable lining or coating that provides protection against moisture. These bags are commonly used in grocery stores, cafes, and takeout restaurants to carry a variety of food and beverage items.

Are your paper bags recyclable?

Yes, our paper bags are recyclable. They are made from paper, which is a recyclable material. After use, you can dispose of them in your recycling bin. Recycling paper bags is an eco-friendly way to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Are paper bags reusable?

Yes, paper bags are reusable! While they may not be as durable as some reusable alternatives like cloth or jute bags, they can certainly be reused multiple times. Reusing paper bags is an eco-friendly way to extend their lifespan and reduce waste. Simply fold the bottom of the bag and add it to your collection!

Are paper bags resistant to oil and grease stains?

While our paper bags are durable, oil and grease will stain and possibly damage them.

We recommend wrapping any oily or greasy products in a non-absorbent, eco-friendly plastic to avoid staining your paper bags. Fabric and tissue paper can be used but are more absorbent than plastic, so only use them for small amounts of oil and grease.

Do you stock gift bags?

Yes! At Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging, we've got your gift-giving needs covered! Our collection of gift bags ranges from chic to festive, making your presents even more beautiful. Add a touch of class or an extra spark of delight to every gift with our gift bag range.

Want to take your gifts to the next level? We also stock a selection of gift wrapping, ribbons, gift boxes and tissue paper, great for adding the perfect finishing touch to your packaging.

Explore our full range of gift packaging online and make every present special with Leisure Coast Hospitality & Packaging.

How long does shipping take?

We strive to send out orders quickly from our warehouse via our courier network. You can find accurate shipping estimates during checkout. For more shipping info, contact our friendly team online or call us at (02) 4296 9708.

Shop sustainable wholesale paper bags online — we deliver Australia-wide!